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Are you a people person?

If you’re thinking about a job with us, you’re most likely already a people person, because developing strong relationships is second nature here. As a Society built on people, our People team make sure that every relationship with every colleague gets off to the right start – and continues to develop in the right way.

Beverley, Talent Acquisition

"I get to speak to a diverse spectrum of candidates daily and get a great sense of job satisfaction, securing the perfect colleague or helping a candidate in meeting their career aspirations."

Erin, Strategic People Partner

"It’s clear people are at the heart of all we do and bringing our people strategy to life really lets me see the difference we can make to our colleagues' experience and ultimately our wider communities."

Stevie, People Development

"I love being part of the People team because I feel like I have the opportunity to make a difference to the people at our Society through what I deliver. I am encouraged to share ideas, take ownership and have fun too!"