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Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions booklet gives you important information you need to know about your account.

In addition to our Savings General Terms and Conditions booklet we also have product Special Conditions for each of our savings accounts which must be read in conjunction with our General Terms and Conditions. (Where there is a conflict between these General Terms & Conditions and the product Special Conditions contained in the product terms, the product Special Conditions will prevail).

We are committed to ensuring that our customers fully understand any commitment they are undertaking before they sign any agreement and we strongly recommend that you read all of this document.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before you decide to apply for a savings account. 

 Summary of Fees*

Auditors letter£20.00
BACS trace£40.00
CHAPS charge (British Isles)#£30.00
Closed account Information£10.00
International CHAPS charge (abroad)#£60.00
International Payment inwards fee£6.00
Unpaid cheque charge£15.00

*Fees charged are applicable per account (not per request). Fees will only be debited to easy access accounts. Fees incurred for other accounts, will be payable via cheque.

#CHAPS charge is applied per transaction.  Please note from time to time it becomes necessary to vary our tariff of charges, when we do so any increase will not be for more than either:-

(a) the rate of the Retail Prices Index; or

(b) to reflect changes which have occurred, or which we reasonably believe are likely to occur, in;

(i) fees and charges fixed by statutory bodies and/or

(ii) the reasonable increases in direct or indirect administrative overheads we incur for doing the work or providing the service for which we make the charge, whichever is the greater.