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General mortgage FAQs

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about our mortgages.

What is the maximum percentage of the purchase price that you would advance?

The maximum loan we will advance is as follows:

  • For home purchase and remortgages, 95% of the price or valuation of the property, whichever is the lower. Please refer to specific product details for maximum LTV. 
  • Remortgage for capital raising purposes are restricted to 80% LTV.
  • Second homes / holiday homes must be strictly for the sole use of the borrower and dependent family members and must not be let. The maximum loan to value for such properties is 75% and applicant's financial status must be sufficient to cover both loans (i.e. mortgage on first property plus new mortgage).
  • All applicants must find their deposit from their own resources however gifted deposits from relatives may be allowed dependent on individual circumstances (Newcastle Building Society reserves the right to have sight of the source of deposit).
How do you calculate how much I / we can borrow?

The Society no longer assesses your borrowing capacity through income multiples and has developed a new Affordability Calculator which is now more tailored to your individual circumstances. 

Assessment of how much you can borrow is now calculated through a combination of your income, regular commitments and household / lifestyle expenditure. In assessing affordability all unsecured loans which have more than six months to run, credit cards and maintenance will be deducted. 

In addition, deductions will also be made for declared household and lifestyle expenditure which is compared against statistical data for accuracy. 

To see how much you could borrow please visit your local branch or contact our Newcastle Direct Team on 0345 606 4488 where one of our experienced mortgage advisers will be able to assist. 

To ensure that your assessment is as accurate as possible please can you provide our advisers with as much information regarding your personal income and expenditure. 

Information on monthly expenditure such as council tax, utility bills, insurances and loans / credit cards commitments will need to be provided.

What information is required to support a mortgage application?
  • For employed applicants, last three months' pay slips.
  • For self employed applicants, the last two years' audited/certified accounts OR the last 2 years' HMRC Tax Assessments (SA302s) and corresponding Tax Year Overview forms. Accounts must be audited / certified by a chartered or certified qualified accountant.
  • Proof of payment for the preceding 12 months is required where the applicant has had a previous mortgage.
  • For all forms of additional income which is being taken into account, documentary evidence will be required.
  • In the event that the applicants are not registered on the electoral roll, they must supply proof of residence. Any utility bill, council tax bill, voters roll enquiries, bank statements or mortgage statements are acceptable, provided the original documents are supplied.
  • We are required to confirm your identity. Acceptable documents include a passport, driving licence or a recent bank statement dated within the last three months.
Do you have a minimum purchase price for property?

Yes – all properties must have a minimum purchase price and / or valuation of £50,000 whichever is lower.

What is the maximum term over which I can take my mortgage?

The normal term for a mortgage is 25 years, however we may consider a term up to 40 years subject to additional considerations (i.e. employment status / age).

Why do we require a "consent to mortgage" form to be signed by anyone over 17 years of age, who will be residing in the mortgaged property but not party to the mortgage?

Under common law, any occupant over 17 years of age has rights to remain resident should, for any reason, it became necessary for the property to be vacated.

As mortgagor (the borrower in a mortgage agreement), you waive these rights by securing a loan on the said property.

Any person or persons resident at the time of the mortgage inception, who are not party to the said mortgage, will still hold these rights. By signing a consent to mortgage form they are waiving this right, should for any reason we need to take the property into possession.

What is daily interest on repayment mortgages?

Interest is calculated on the balance of the account at the end of each day.

Interest is then accrued daily and added to the account balance on the last day of every month.

This means every cleared payment that is made reduces the mortgage balance and interest is recalculated on the reduced balance.

Can I apply for a Newcastle Building Society mortgage online?

We currently do not accept mortgage applications directly using the online system.

We do have a fully advised telephone service (available 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, on 0345 606 4488) to ensure the mortgage you need is tailored to you and your circumstances.

Does Newcastle Building Society offer Buy to Let mortgages?

Yes, we offer Buy to Let mortgages through mortgage brokers.

How long does a mortgage interview take?

The mortgage application interview process can take up to 90 minutes over the telephone. The interview could potentially include a detailed affordability assessment, credit search and a review of life and home insurance needs. 

This means we can ensure you receive the correct advice enabling you to choose a mortgage that is suitable for your needs and circumstances.

What documents should I have ready for the mortgage interview?

To make the interview as smooth as possible and to help speed up the interview, it would be appreciated if you have pay slips, P60, bank statement and insurance cover details to hand.

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