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We realise that when someone dies it is a very emotional time for all involved and it can often be overwhelming. We're here to offer help and support and will try to keep things as straightforward as possible for you. 

Registering a bereavement with us 

To register the death of a customer and release their account information, we’ll need:

  • A photocopy of your driving licence or passport
  • Original or photocopy of the death certificate
  • Personal Representative Registration form

Please check the FAQs further down the page for further information.

How to let us know

  • Visit a branch
  • Give us a call on 0345 734 4345 (Lines are open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday)
  • Post: Newcastle Building Society, 1 Cobalt Park Way, Wallsend, NE28 9EJ

If you need any additional support, please don’t hesitate to let us know. This could be something like communicating with you in a certain way or sending letters in a different format. We’ll do our best to make any adjustments that will help you.

Managing bereavement expenses

While you’re dealing with the estate, you may need to access money from the customer’s accounts. You can do this once you’ve informed us of the death and registered your details. You can usually make a withdrawal for funeral expenses, probate application fees or inheritance tax.

Joint accounts

Any joint accounts will automatically transfer to the surviving account holder once the death has been registered. Probate will not be needed as part of this process.

Closing the accounts

When you’re ready to close any savings accounts, we’ll need an account closure form. We will need probate if the total balance of the customer’s savings account(s) is over £30,000 or if you’re already getting probate because another company needs it. We may also need it if the customer has a mortgage with us which won’t automatically transfer to a joint holder.

These have to be originals, so they’ll need to be sent through the post or taken to a branch.


If you’d like to print your own forms to send through the post or take to a branch:

Personal Representative Registration

Request to Close Account(s)

Request to Cover Costs


I don’t have a death certificate

In place of a death certificate, we can also accept an original or photocopy of an interim death certificate or a coroner’s report. If you send an original through the post or bring it to branch, we’ll make a copy and give you the original back.

We can also accept a Death Certificate Verification form from a solicitor practicing in England or Wales, but for this option, we’ll need to see the original.

I don’t have a driving licence or passport

Please contact us and we can discuss different options.

Do I need to complete the Personal Representative Registration form?

This is so we can register that you’re the one dealing with the account. If you’re dealing with things through the post, or if you visit a branch to register a death but are not closing the accounts straight away, we’ll ask you to complete this form just to make sure we have your details on file.

How do I withdraw money from the customer’s account?

You’ll need to fill in a form which can be found on this page and we’ll also need to see an invoice. If you complete a Personal Representative Registration form, there’s an option to say you plan to withdraw some costs. If you select this, when we post the account information and next steps, we’ll include the right form.

When is probate needed?

We’ll need probate if the total balance of the customer’s sole savings account(s) is over £30,000. If the balance total is below £30,000, but you’re still applying for probate because another company needs it, we’ll also need to see it. Also usually if the customer holds a mortgage that won’t automatically be transferring to a joint holder.

What if the customer was a client of Newcastle Financial Advisers Limited (NFAL)?

Funds will usually be held with other companies, so the process to close the accounts can differ. To begin getting things registered, you can contact NFAL by telephone on 0345 600 4330. Or you can write to them at Newcastle Financial Advisers, 1 Cobalt Park Way, Wallsend, NE28 9EJ.

Inheritance ISA allowance

If your partner had an ISA, you may be able to keep the funds in an ISA wrapper to keep any tax benefits. Find out more about inheritance ISA allowance.