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Helping to protect our planet for the future

With the issue of climate change becoming ever more important, many people are looking to make more sustainable choices. We know our members are conscious of the climate crisis and we want to support this wherever we can.

At the Society we are focused on caring for our environment and ensuring sustainability for future generations. We all have a vital role to play in tackling climate change. That's why we have created this Sustainable Living hub to help you find out more about how you can make choices at home to help protect our planet. 

Guides and information

A mother working from home.

What is an energy efficient rating and how can you increase yours?

A young girl waters a plant

How to make your home more energy efficient

Elderly man sitting on sofa in the living room at home and showing something on digital tablet to his wife.

How to choose energy efficient appliances


Two children and their mother washing the dishes in the kitchen sink.

5 ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly

A young girl sits on a sofa and plays with a rubix cube.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) explained

Two girls pouring their recycling waste into the bins out of bags at the bottom of their drive.

8 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

A field with a windmill

How will climate change affect us?

A young man exploring the city, renting an electric bicycle and smiling.

5 ways to help slow climate change

A father fills up his water bottle in the family home before work.

9 sustainable swaps you can make