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Our guiding principles are the promises that each of us make to our colleagues, communities, customers and clients so they know what they can expect from all of us. These are important to us and it’s equally important to us that you are happy to be guided by these principles too.

Explore our guiding principles:

We put our customers first

We serve our customers through lasting, authentic relationships that make a positive difference to peoples’ lives and their communities.

We achieve more together

Teams multiply the impact of the individual. They enable us to have more impact for our customers, for our Society and for our communities. Working in teams is good for us. It connects us and we achieve more together.

We understand that being part of team brings responsibility and accountability not just for the work we do individually, but also for the contribution we make to the life of the whole team. 

We believe in empowered teams who work in the most effective way possible for them and the teams they work with.  

We work how it makes sense to work

It’s better for us all if we work smarter not harder. We work where we can be most effective, individually and as a team.

The more efficient we are in the way we work, the more impact we can have. 

Being more efficient means we can give more back to our customers, our communities and the world in general.

We take protecting our customers and our Society seriously

Being a building society means that we have controls in place to protect our customers, our colleagues and our Society. 

As a team and as individuals we all need to meet those obligations, so that we can rely on each other and hold each other to account.

We constantly strive to be better

The world is changing and we need to change to stay ahead. 

We will share what works, be open about what doesn’t and always take time to reflect and discuss how we can continually improve.

It’s fair when we treat people as individuals

Creating fairness in our community and in wider society doesn’t mean giving everyone the same. It means giving people the support they really need. 

That means we give the most support to those who need the most help.

We take pride in what we achieve together

We celebrate our successes and recognise the difference we make. 

We encourage and support each other to be the best we can be.

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