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Pre-completion FAQs

Find the answers to questions you may have prior to mortgage completion.

How long will it take to get a mortgage offer from Newcastle Building Society?

As you can imagine, application timings differ depending on the circumstances as it depends on what information is required by the underwriters – on average it is seven working days.

When will the valuation be instructed?

The valuation is instructed when the case has been checked to make sure we have the correct paperwork, this is usually no longer than three working days after we have received your application.

Why do you ask for more information in relation to my application after I have supplied everything you have asked for?

Sometimes our underwriters may need clarification on some of the information provided, which is normal for mortgage applications and something all lenders do. We have an obligation as a responsible lender to ensure everything is in order before issuing a formal mortgage offer. Rest assured, we do this as quickly as possible but it is important we carry out the right checks.

If my mortgage application is cancelled will I get a refund for the fees I have paid?

Any fees payable throughout the mortgage application process are non-refundable.