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Menopause Awareness Week 2022

Date published: 20 July 2022

Read time: 2 minutes

We know menopause is often a taboo subject and we’re going to change that. 

We want to create a workplace where colleagues and managers feel comfortable talking about menopause, where they feel supported by each other and where no one, no matter what they’re going through, feels alone.

On World Menopause Day last year we turned an important corner and started the conversation about menopause in work. We proudly shared our commitment to becoming a Menopause Friendly Workplace, launched our own internal menopause toolkit and set up our very own Menopause Network to make sure our menopause activity really is colleague led.

This week, during our own Menopause Awareness Week, colleagues have been learning more about menopause. It’s also been a great opportunity to take stock of what our Menopause Network have achieved so far. They’ve:

  • Arranged a series of menopause workshops for colleagues and managers across the business;
  • Set up some ‘menopause coffee and chat sessions’ which are friendly groups for anyone going through menopause, supporting someone close to them or wanting to understand menopause more.
  • Included menopause in our company induction, making sure all colleagues are aware of the support available to them from day one.
  • Started to make practical changes to our working environment and facilities to make it more comfortable for all;
  • Reviewed our key people policies to make sure they’re menopause friendly.

We also have big plans for the rest of 2022 and, amongst other things, are looking forward to working with our Women in Leadership Network to develop a Menopause Policy and Procedure.

We’re proud to have such a fantastic Menopause Network who are passionate about making a difference not only within our workplace but our communities too. Getting this positive feedback from our colleagues means a huge amount to us and reminds us of the important role we can play in people’s lives:

“My daughter is 14 and you are helping kick down doors for the future generations to make workplaces a more open, inclusive and understanding place. By the time she starts a job I think you’ll have indirectly helped her and for that I’m very thankful” - Operations Manager.