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Opening doors to employment for South Tyneside young people with Key Project

Date published: 1 February 2022

Read time: 3 minutes

Download our press release here.

A South Tyneside charity is giving dozens of local young people a better chance of finding work with the help of new grant funding.

The South Tyneside Churches Key Project, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, runs a variety of projects and activities designed to prevent youth homelessness and support people in hardship right across the borough.

In order to increase its service users’ chances of finding and keeping employment, the Key Project has now set up a new employability initiative offering practical advice and support to anyone needing help to find, get and keep a new job, as well as raising their aspirations for what they can achieve.

It’s hoped that the scheme, which is being funded through a £3,000 grant provided through the Newcastle Building Society Community Fund at the Community Foundation, will eventually around 50 local young people – and it has already helped four of the early participants find new jobs and apprenticeships.

South Tyneside Churches Key Project runs around 50 units which provide accommodation for people aged between 16 and 24 who are facing homelessness, with tenancy support, family intervention and mediation services also available.

It also runs the Key 2 Life poverty alleviation projects in partnership with fellow local community group Churches Together in South Tyneside.

Jo Benham Brown, business development and communities manager at the South Tyneside Churches Key Project, says: “Our work is about much more than just helping someone find a job – it’s about raising aspirations with our young people, realising the huge potential that so many of them have and showing them the opportunities that are out there for them.

“Many of our service users have grown up in situations where unemployment was sadly just a fact of life and often don’t have the tools and knowledge to even prepare for finding a job that many of us take for granted.

“This new project aims to change their aspirations, equip them with the skills they need to get into the workplace and help them start to build successful, independent lives.

“In the present climate, this work is especially important and we can’t let these young people down, so having Newcastle Building Society’s backing for our work is going to make a significant difference to what we and they can achieve.”

Erin Mulligan, people partner at Newcastle Building Society, adds: “Over the last 12 months, we’ve focused the majority of our grant giving on charities and projects which are linked to employability, as part of helping communities manage, mitigate and recover from the impacts of Covid-19 and delivering sustainable positive change across our region.

“The Key Project sets a terrific example of how this can be done in practical terms and it’s great to see results coming from their work so quickly.”