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Time for a cuppa and a chat in Gosforth's community room

Date published: 5 September 2023

Read time: 3 minutes

The Gosforth branch community room.

The community space at our Gosforth branch is a hub of activity, providing many locals with a place to socialise and meet new people.

Our Gosforth branch sits proudly on the High Street, at the heart of the local community. With several banks choosing to leave Gosforth over the past few years, our branch has become a lifeline for many residents and businesses in the area. Gosforth is one of two branches piloting the use of a multi-bank kiosk provided by OneBanx, which allows people and small businesses to deposit and withdraw cash from their current bank account - no matter who they bank with. But as well as leading the way in branch innovation, Gosforth is a great example of a branch being more than simply a place to access financial services.

The team in Gosforth are proud of their community room, which is always well-used by residents coming together to take part in a variety of groups such as crafts, games, floristry, as well as women's and men's groups. It's a hub of thriving social interaction, valued and loved by all who use it.

Earlier this year, Branch Manager, Lynn started ‘cuppa and a chat’, an invite for anyone to come along to the branch and socialise over a hot drink, taking place every Monday from 10:00am to 11:00am. Lynda, a Gosforth resident expressed how the space has helped her, "This was my saviour as I'm home on my own. Where else can you go on the high street for a chat and a free cuppa?"

Lynn and her team want to create an informal, friendly space for the community to come together and connect. Isolation and loneliness have been felt by many, especially since the pandemic, but such a simple idea has helped people meet up and begin friendships. Michael, a regular participant in Cuppa and a Chat, says, "It helps me cope with things better, being able to meet new people."

The Gosforth branch is an important place for its local community, being able to access face-to-face financial services on their high street, but it’s also a place for people to connect. Our community rooms enable new friendships to be made, combats loneliness, and helps people cope with their problems through conversation and support. It's inspiring to learn about Gosforth’s community space and hear how it enhances people’s lives. 

You can learn more about the services and facilities at our Gosforth branch on the Gosforth branch page.